New Posiflex Touch Screen Terminal KS6715 Enjoys Rapid Market Acceptance


Posiflex - Always a Perfect strike: Posiflex's redefines POS Durability with the Perfect Strike. Engineered and designed for durability and uptime; the robust Posiflex terminal faces the bowling ball impact head-on and undeniably, continues to operate. This same terminal was previously in our water chamber with water cascading over it for three days at a trade show. Many claim reliability and durability. Posiflex proves it.www.posiflexusa.comDisclaimerThe Posiflex: Perfect Strike video demonstration uses an off the shelf terminal and was not modified in any manner. Similar use and abuse is not sanctioned, warranted or representative of normal deployment.Although every element viewed is actual and uncut, Posiflex terminals while shock and vibration tested and resistant, cannot be dropped from a mountain top, hit with a sledge hammer or be operated with excessive abuse. Do not attempt this demonstration at home as these tests were performed by trained professionals.***No terminals were harmed during filming of this video***Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us: http://www.Posiflexusa.comOur Current Product Solutions Guide: — by POSIFLEXUSA on January 13, 2012 to Science & Technology (66 seconds)

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Posiflex launches the KS6715 – it embodies Posiflex reliability and durability but with enhanced features and functions. This fan-free touch screen terminal is powered by a Via Nano 1.6GHz CPU, driving 110% more performance than its three time award-winning predecessor. With more RAM, OS support and connectivity, it maximizes hardware investment. The fan-free design not only provides energy savings through the elimination of a cooling fan, it also results in fewer moving parts and points of failure.

Like all Posiflex products, the KS6715 carries with it the Posiflex legacy of uncompromised quality and reliability. Constructed with the acclaimed, patented die-cast aluminum alloy chassis which efficiently diffuses heat, businesses are empowered with maximum uptime. With stringent third party HALT/HASS testing, Posiflex terminals are designed to be robust with a high tolerance to withstand inevitable harsh environmental conditions and daily high volume transactions. "The KS6715 continues on the long legacy of powerful cost effective terminals, but with more performance, RAM, and connectivity,” says Doyle Ledford, Vice President of Sales “It is true value embodied into one product when considering functionality at its affordable price point. We are confident that the KS6715 will win over our resellers and customers."

Numerous application software providers in the hospitality, retail, ticketing and health care verticals have certified the KS6715 as being fully interoperable to create a full solution with the Posiflex hardware platform. Channel partners and customers deploying the KS6715 can run software applications with confidence, knowing it will run on a hardened, reliable and stable touch screen terminal.

Craig Bednarovsky, Director of Sales and Marketing at ASI, states “ASI’s certification process is based on actual field validation by several VAR partners to ensure Restaurant Manager runs on a stable platform. Our VARs have tested, and installed the KS6715 at customer sites and found that Restaurant Manager runs seamlessly, meeting customers' expectations. The KS6715 is also at a very competitive price, for the entire package of features and functionality."

Andre Nataf, Senior Business Development Manager for Digital Dining, confidently states "The Digital Dining software always runs seamlessly on Posiflex terminals. It's reliability and great price point always allows our resellers to sell it confidently. You simply cannot put a price on reliability with Posiflex."

“As a more enhanced version of the KS6215, which was a channel favorite, the KS6715 is the new must-have for the industry. With 2GB as its default memory and more functionality, customers are definitely getting better value, says Mike Hamm, CEO of Focus POS Systems. Steve Pritchard, Dealer Manager at FuturePOS, adds, "The Posiflex KS6715 has been tested and works admirably with the Future POS Fusion software. The screen resolution is sharp, the response is quick to the finger, and the speed of processing has worked well in the environment tested. I would certainly recommend the Posiflex KS6715 to a restaurant looking to invest in reliable hardware."

Mitesh Mandavia, Marketing Coordinator at Posera Systems Inc, agrees. “This is definitely a new drawing point in the KS family. At the price point and with its additional connectivity and increased functionality, the KS6715 redefines optimum price performance."

Johnny Donaldson, Hardware Specialist at Siriusware, says,"I am confident that the KS6715 will be able to run all of our Siriusware's applications effectively and optimally – from ticketing, retail to food and beverage and back end server. Parks and Resorts customers often seek quick transaction completion and the KS6715 more than meets this need and can be relied upon for maximum uptime for business operations."

According to Kevin Bolton, Vice President of Client Fulfillment at Xenios LLC, "The KS6715 is an ideal terminal retaining the fan- free, dust resistant design features that our customers love. Our 2TouchPOS application leverages the updated operating system and key hardware performance improvements to bring our customers an even better experience. The quality of the system is excellent; just what we expect from Posiflex."

Ron Chan, Posiflex Director of Marketing, sums up, "The KS6715 is a price performer which makes no compromise in performance and is versatile across industries and applications. With the KS6715, it's not about paying more to get more, it is about exceeding your expectations and stretching that dollar."

For more information on the KS6700 series or see the Posiflex – Always a Perfect Strike Video demonstrating Posiflex's POS reliability and durability.

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