Newly Revamped Agenda Offers Senior Citizens the Retirement Cruise of their Lives Without Having to Set Sail

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Pleasant Hill, California (EastBayDaily) — Designed to give seniors the ultimate luxury retirement experience, Chateau Senior Community has added an array of new classes and activities to its active cruise ship-like events lineup. The unique retirement community prides itself in offering an opulent, entertaining atmosphere as found on-board a Royal Caribbean Cruise, but tailored specifically for retired seniors. “I never would have imagined that Senior Assisted Living could have been this much fun!” says four year resident, Jenny Murphy.

In the midst of their gourmet food menus, fun activities, spa services, shows and cocktail hours, the Chateau Senior Community found a way to give their residents even more to celebrate. Original and new events, meant to inspire exuberance, have been introduced to an already diverse regiment. Senior tai chi classes, chair dancing, live theater (music and dance troops), art classes, cruises on the San Francisco Bay, senior dances, monthly gourmet fine dining brunches, a New Life Senior Forum, and much more are now available to community residents. Seniors can even take part in the new Conductorcise classes, where members get to exercise while simulating conducting a large symphony orchestra.

Assisted living for seniors doesn’t have to be monotonous or dull; in addition to the new listing of activity options, each of the Chateau Senior Living Communities, the managers individually teach a special interest class every week in order to bond with residents on a deeper, more personal level. Seniors are welcome to join their friends and peers in scrapbooking class, news and politics forums, old stories group, The Sunshine Gang which visits residents in the hospital, the Good Cooks network, hymn sing, Bible study, computer skills, balance and fitness class.

Created more than 20 years ago by owner Tom MacDonald, the unique Pleasant Hill, California-based Chateau Senior Community was born out of a desire to make the “sunset years” of our lives memorable and fun.

“I was looking at possible Assisted Living Communities for my mother,” MacDonald says. “Developing a cruise boat-like experience on land was my goal, but what was more important was pairing the fun of cruise boat living with reliable senior care services that my mother and other aging adults would need.”

The result became today’s fun-filled and trustworthy Chateau Senior Community, a place that MacDonald is confident when he leaves for the night, his residents are well taken care of. “Not just three meals a day,” he says, “but housekeeping, laundry, doctor, shuttles, and even medication management if needed.”

With all the new and exciting courses and activities on-board at the Chateau Senior Community, it’s no wonder some residents have chosen to stay for more than 19 years. “If there’s a time to get pampered, it is when you’ve become a senior,” MacDonald says. “When you’re done working hard and raising a family and are finally ready to take care of yourself, we are here to serve you.”

For more information on the Chateau Senior Community, please visit or call 877-468-9773.

About the Chateau Senior Community: Since Chateau Senior Community was founded in 1986, Tom MacDonald has become a true pioneer in the senior assisted living cruise boat concept. “The Fall Prevention Program,” “Diabetes Management Program” and other community award winning programs promote wellness and prevention awareness about senior citizens. MacDonald says that he and his team are always striving for the next thing, the new approach to living longer and living healthier.

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