Nine Year Old, Abbey Richter, Writes A Book About Her Dog’s Journey, Published by The Pet Concierge

My Lucky Leo book is now on Kindle, yay!: My Lucky Leo book is now on Kindle, yay! Get the book on Tuesday, July 30th at I want to tell you a true story about my best friend, Leo. The story is happy, then scary-sad, then happy again. Leo is a dog. A very, very cute dog. He is a Shih Tzu. When you say it, it kind of sounds like a sneeze. Leo weighs 14 pounds. Mom says a Thanksgiving turkey weighs about 18 pounds, so that gives you an idea ofhow small Leo is. — by YourPetConcierge on July 29, 2013 to Pets & Animals (9 seconds)

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Abbey Richter, a 9-year-old girl, wants the whole world to know the story of her dog, Leo. Poor little Leo had an unfortunate encounter. Lucky for him, a heroic team did everything in their power to help him.

Abbey finally has her chance to share the story with everyone, thanks to the Pet Concierge, who now published the book and made it available on Kindle.

Abbey and her family want everyone to get her book on Tuesday, July 30th here, on Kindle.

The title of Abbey’s book is “Lucky Leo” and she wants everyone to support her and her best furry friend, who was truly lucky.

The Pet Concierge is proud to publish a book by a girl who does the very best to take care of her dog, who she loves very much.

"We are thrilled to share this incredible story about a girl who loves her dog no matter what.” – Lee Richter, CEO of ThePetConcierge

Abbey and her family hope this story will inspire children to take the best care of their pets.

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