Numi Organic Tea Presents Healthy Gifts for the Holidays

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Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — In this economy, the vacation might have to wait but one can still travel miles away while staying home with a cup of tea and a good book. With affordable and healthy tea gifts, consumers can still get into the spirit of giving without a bad conscience or empty pocketbook – and find the right gift to fit the personality. Both Numi Organic Tea’s founders, Ahmed and Reem Rahim, spend time in tea gardens garnering inspiration for top quality tea gifts that are manufactured ecologically as well as providing a fully sensual experience for the consumer.

Ahmed Rahim, known as the Alchemist, says, “Every time we travel the world visiting the tea gardens, meeting with new suppliers, receiving gifts from various farmers, you realize there is so much to share with the world. The holiday season is definitely a time to share with those you love and spend time enjoying the precious moments; from your warm home to the songs and prayers that echo across the world.”

By supporting organic agriculture, paying an above average wage and buying tea through fair trade co-ops, Numi’s organic tea business has provided health care, free housing and/or land on which to build and farm as well as a chemical and pesticide-free work environment.

For the loose tea connoisseur: Numi presents for the 1st time a loose tea and teapot gift set for 2008. Single-Origins Tea Set is perfect for a ‘tea for 2′ or a private tea tasting for aspiring tea connoisseurs. Tea lovers will be able to experience loose tea from India, Japan, China and South Africa – all single-estate (non-blended) teas showcasing the four tea – producing regions of the world. All four are organic and the set includes a flower motif black ceramic teapot, strainer and matching cups.

For the one who loves Flowers: Packaged in an exotic hand-made dark bamboo case, the Bamboo Flowering Tea Gift Set holds a bin of Flowering Tea that is filled with bouquets of tea leaves and Numi’s Teahouse glass teapot (420 ml) through which to observe the blooming tea petals. Flowering Tea is a simple luxury that heightens the tea experience and makes for a singular conversation piece.

For the one who needs relaxation: The IRelax with Numi Organic Tea and CD set creates a healthier world through the relaxing and therapeutic powers of music and tea. Infused with the authentic ingredients of rhythm, harmony, teas and spices, the collections in this box contain the finest tastes from around the world. A flavor for all times of the day, IRELAX includes an organic and Fair Trade Certified Assortment of Numi’s unique teas and teasans alongside lovely collection of 11 tracks that sooth and quiet the mind.

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About NUMI Organic Tea: Numi, LLC, is a leader in the natural & specialty tea category. Brother and sister founders Ahmed and Reem Rahim founded the company in 1999, which is known for premium full leaf teas, herbal teasans and an innovative line of Flowering Teas. Numi’s whole leaf teas are never treated with artificial flavors, colorings or oils common to the market resulting in a pure clean taste. Numi is committed to global consciousness and sustainability in its packaging and business practices. Numi Organic Tea is available in natural & specialty grocery stores across the U.S.


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