Oakland Murder Lawyers Say Oakland University Shooting Suspect Is Entitled to Due Process Before Conclusions about the Oakland Religious School Shooting Are Made

Oakland Christian University School Shooting | Oakland Religious School Murders: Oakland Christian University School Shooting and Oakland Religious School Murders that occurred on Aril 04, 2012 http://www.beleslaw.com/ may have been committed by a 43 year old Korean man who was a former or current nursing student at the Oakland, California religious university. Robert J. Beles is a California State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist with over 30 years of experience defending people accused of murder in Oakland. This Oakland school shooting is a tragic event and there is likely to be a murder trial as a result considering there is a suspect in custody. Oakland criminal lawyers and criminal defense attorneys with over 30 years of experience defending people accused of crimes with Oakland criminal defense. If you have been charged with a crime you may need to speak with an experienced Oakland criminal attorney. Our Oakland criminal defense law office has 2 Certified Criminal Law Specialists to aid in your defense or the defense of a loved one. The Law Office of Robert J. Beles handles all types of criminal defense matters including sexual misconduct, rape defense, sex crime defense, fraud defense, appeals, Sex registration cases, DUI defense, domestic violence defense, drug charge defense, weapons cases and all types of criminal matters. When you need the best defense available please call our experienced Oakland criminal attorneys. We are:Oakland Criminal Defense LawyersOakland Criminal AttorneysCriminal Lawyers in OaklandOur vast knowledge and experience aids us in providing excellent legal services to our clients. Our Oakland attorneys have excellent track records and always provide a vigorous Oakland criminal defense.Call our Oakland lawyers today for a Free Consultation.Law Offices of Robert J. BelesOakland OfficeThe Ordway Building1 Kaiser Plaza - Suite 2300Oakland, CA 94612Phone: (510) 836-0100Fax: 510-832-3690http://www.beleslaw.com/hayward-criminal-lawyers/http://www.beleslaw.com/Fremont-criminal-lawyers/ — by OaklandCrimeDefense on April 3, 2012 to News & Politics (47 seconds)

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — The Oakland University Shooting that occurred on April 2, 2012 is a grim reminder of what may happen as the result of a person’s mental instabilities. Today I spoke with California State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist Robert J. Beles who has been representing people accused of murder in Oakland for over 30 years. He is quick to point out that with any tragedy like the Oakland Religious School Shooting there is usually a background of anger and resentment that has built over time within the suspect. “The frustration level of an individual that leads to this type of action is truly mind boggling,” says Oakland murder lawyer Robert J. Beles. “It is apparent that the complex motivations and psychological dynamics of this tragic event await further illumination by the court process.”

According to the latest reports from CBS News, a suspect has been detained in the Oakland University shooting. Reportedly, a 43 year old male Korean man was arrested at a supermarket about an hour after the shootings. Eye witnesses reported that a man turned himself into grocery store security after they approached him.

The Oakland criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert J. Beles have seen many Oakland murders over the years. The law office is deeply concerned about the impact the Oakland Christian School shooting will have on the local community. It is likely that counseling will be needed for those who have been injured or those who witnessed the Oakland University Shooting. “Today's killing of 7 people at a religious based Christian school in Oakland where young people studied music, divinity and nursing is a new dimension in violence even for a city that has seen more than its share of murders,” says Oakland criminal defense lawyer Robert J. Beles.

The experienced Oakland and Fremont criminal lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert J. Beles have two California State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialists available for free consultations. They represent people who are accused of serious crimes like murder. In addition to representing clients in Oakland they are also Hayward criminal lawyers. For over 30 years the law office has also represented people like the suspect in the Oakland University Shooting.

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