Oakland Plumbers at Evenflow Plumbing Announce The New Donald Sterling Coupon for $200 Off Sewer Replacement

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Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Oakland plumbers at Evenflow Plumbing have been providing discounts on sewer repair in Oakland for almost twenty years. The newest coupon is called the Donald Sterling Coupon. This new offer expires on 10/01/2014 and entitles customers who present it with $200 off their bill for sewer replacement in Oakland. Some restrictions apply. “We thought it would be a good idea to recognize what has happened here and to try to do something to help people out along the way by giving $200 off sewer replacement in Oakland,” says Gary Dimodana, Owner of Evenflow Plumbing.

Donald Sterling was recently banned from the NBA for offensive racist comments he made to his then Girlfriend V. Stiviano according to NBC News. The conversation was recorded and made public. The result of this information being released was a suspension and fine being handed down from the NBA to the tune of 2.5 million dollars. Donald Sterling is also never allowed to attend another NBA game. He is essentially banned from the sport.

“When I first heard about the comments I was appalled. After some consideration I decided to try to do something even if small and even if only on a local level. That is why I decided to offer this new plumbing coupon. Hopefully just raising awareness about this situation will lessen the likelihood of similar situation occurring in the future,” says Dimodana. Evenflow Plumbing has a long history of helping people in the local community with Oakland sewer repair coupons and this is just another way they can help.

In addition to offering Oakland sewer repair coupons Evenflow Plumbing is also a full service plumber. They handle basic plumbing repairs to complex commercial and industrial jobs. The majority of their business centers around trenchless sewer replacement and helping people obtain the Private Sewer Lateral Compliance Certificate. “We help people with all types of plumbing problems. What really differentiates us is our expertise when it comes to the PSL certificate and the Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance,” says Dimodana.

Evenflow Plumbing in Oakland services the entire East Bay and they have built a solid reputation as a leading plumbing service provider. They currently have 43 positive reviews on Yelp for Oakland sewer repair. “We have an almost perfect rating on Yelp and Angie’s List. This is a reflection of the way we take care of our customers. We take our business seriously and we understand that in this day and age people will go the internet with any negative information they have, much like what happened in the case of Donald Sterling,” says Dimodana.

To learn more about Evenflow Plumbing please visit their website. To learn more about the Donald Sterling Clippers Ban Coupon for $200 off sewer replacement in Oakland please call (510) 562-1363. People can also watch their informative videos about Oakland sewer repair and replacement.


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