Oakland PSL Certificate Experts at Evenflow Plumbing Announce Winter Specials on Oakland Sewer Testing and Sewer Lateral Video Inspections

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Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Oakland PSL Certificates are now required for any home that is being sold in Oakland with the exception of condominiums. The PSL certificate is required because of the Oakland Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance which went into effect earlier this year. The goal of the new sewer ordinance is to limit the amount of rain water, ground water and storm runoff that enters the sewage treatment facility. “The new Oakland sewer lateral ordinance is a step in the right direction toward protecting our environment and controlling the amount of sewage that needs to be treated at local facilities,” says Gary Dimodana, Owner of Evenflow Plumbing in Oakland. Cracked or broken sewer lines allow water that is not waste to enter the sewer system which leads to higher than necessary sewage treatment costs because the non-waste water is treated like sewage. The ordinance dictates that Oakland sewer repair must be performed on broken sewer lines to reduce the amount of water entering the treatment plant.

Oakland sewer testing is the way that EBMUD determines whether or not a PSL Certificate of Compliance is issued for a particular property. A sewer test consists of using air or water under pressure to determine whether or not the sewer line is broken or has leaks. If the sewer lines holds air or water then the PSL Certificate is issued. If the private sewer lateral fails the test then Oakland sewer repair work is required. Trenchless sewer replacement is one of the sewer repair methods that guarantees a PSL Certificate will be issued.

Oakland trenchless sewer replacement consists of creating access points at each end of the sewer line. A cable is fed through from one access point to the other. Once this is complete the cable is used to literally pull a new sewer pipe right through the old one, causing the old sewer pipe to burst around the new one. “We can do most Oakland trenchless sewer repair jobs in 1 day,” says Gary.

To learn more about Evenflow Plumbing or the Oakland PSL Certificate please visit their website, see their informative videos or read their many positive online Oakland sewer repair reviews on Yelp.com.

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