Project Walk Supports Roman Reed in His Campaign for California State Senate as They Prepare to Open Newest Facility in Reed’s Hometown

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Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Project Walk – San Francisco is gearing up to open its doors March 24, 2014. After long deliberation, Project Walk – San Francisco has selected the city of Fremont as its center’s location with full support from long-time resident and California State Senate Candidate, Roman Reed.

Reed has long been an advocate for those living with a disability and has served as a voice in the active pursuit to find a cure. Living with a disability himself, Reed brings his passion to find medical cures to the forefront of his campaign. This platform resonates with the majority of Project Walk clients and staff and serves as a natural partnership as Project Walk brings its world-renowned services to a city poised for business advancement.

“This is a win-win both for people with paralysis and the economy of our community,” says Reed. “The best rehab for paralysis in the Nation [will be] based right here in our own District.”

By bringing Project Walk to the Bay Area, people with mobility-related disorders will have access to a true recovery method much closer to home. Based on The Dardzinski Method, Project Walk has nearly two decades of experience and uses intense activity-based programs backed by research and technology to expose those affected by paralysis to the most forward-thinking rehabilitation in the industry.

“We consider this a unique opportunity to support a candidate who is revered in the disability population, while proudly calling Fremont, CA the base of our newest facility.” says Brian Malkinson, Director of Operations. “Together we can help those living with a mobility–related disorder truly have a chance at a better future.”

Project Walk – San Francisco is currently accepting applications which can be filled out at . Campaign donations can be made at

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