Redwood Heights Sewer Repair Discounts are Now Being Offered by Evenflow Plumbing for Sewer Replacement, Testing and Repair

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Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Redwood Heights and Oakland sewer repair and testing experts at Evenflow Plumbing have years of experience helping people get their PSL Certificate. Sewer repair in Redwood Heights has become much more common lately because of the Redwood Heights PSL ordinance which requires people to repair their main sewer lateral before a house can close escrow.

“Sewer repair companies in Oakland who service Redwood Heights who are ethical and do a good job and don’t rip people off can be hard to find,” says Gary Dimodana, Owner of Evenflow Plumbing.

Redwood Heights homeowners who decide to sell their homes need to consider the condition of their sewer line because potential buyers are aware of the requirement for the sewer pipe to have no leaks. "The new Redwood Heights Oakland sewer testing requirements ultimately help the environment," says Gary. The EBMUD ordinance, which was derived with the help of the Environmental Protection Agency, requires that sewer lines in Redwood Heights don’t allow ground water to enter the private sewer lateral.

The reason the EPA and EBMUD are enforcing this Redwood Heights and Oakland sewer repair ordinance is because repairing the sewer line limits the amount of storm water and rain runoff that enters the sewer system unnecessarily. The PSL Ordinance will significantly reduce the amount of clean water that enters the treatment plant which saves the local municipality money.

Sewer repair in Redwood Heights must be contracted by a licensed plumber who can perform all of the needed work. Some plumbing licenses only the plumber to do work on private property. In many situations a plumber is needed who can access the sewer line in the street. Consumers should be very diligent about doing their homework before hiring a sewer repair contractor in Oakland.

The new plumbing coupon being offered by Evenflow Plumbing is for a no cost sewer system inspection with the purchase of a main line clearing. This offer expires on 12/25/2014. Consumers can redeem the coupon by calling Evenflow Plumbing for sewer cleaning and mentioning that they have the coupon for a no cost video sewer inspection in Redwood Heights.

Evenflow Plumbing has been providing sewer repair, trenchless sewer replacement and sewer testing s ervices in Redwood Heights for almost 20 years. “I always consider the customer first. I am a consumer like everybody else and I know how I want to be treated. I make sure our team treats people the way I want to be treated,” says Gary Dimodana.

To learn more about sewer repair in Oakland please give Evenflow Plumbing a call. Consumers are also invited to learn more about Evenflow Plumbing by visiting their website or viewing their many positive consumer reviews on trusted contractor and Oakland sewer repair review sites like Yelp which has listings in Redwood Heights.


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