SamePage v. 4.2 Incorporates Customized Dashboards, E-mail Integration, Advanced Plug-ins

Personalized Dashboard in SamePage 4.2: The landing page or Dashboard of SamePage Enterprise Wiki is completely customizable. The layout can be customized and widgets can be dragged and dropped from a widget cabinet to create customized dashboard in minutes. Administrators can customize the default dashboard as well as control the degree of personalization available to end users. Personalized Dashboards further improve the efficiency making relevant information available to users in a single view. — by samepagewiki on September 11, 2009 to Science & Technology (112 seconds)

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — eTouch SamePage, a dynamic enterprise wiki , today announced it has released SamePage version 4.2 with a customizable dashboard, stronger e-mail integration and advanced plug-in features that better meet the needs of a remote and social-media friendly workforce.

SamePage version 4.2 includes a number of key features that remote and knowledge management workers, as well as business travelers and wiki administrators are looking for in enterprise collaboration and knowledge management software, including:                                                                                 Advanced email integration that enables remote workers to more easily ‘wikify’ content from any smartphone.     Dynamic portal-like dashboard with drag and drop widgets that can be personalized at company and individual levels, eliminating the need for a separate intranet portal product.         A wide selection of new plug-ins that can be customized for each enterprise, including tag cloud and project member plug-ins, among others.     More detailed analytics, usage and content reports for administrators.     Ratings on Blog posts and more blog analytics.     Support for Microsoft Office 2007     WYSIWYG enhancements to further simplify the user interface.     Increased privileges for the system user or administrator to manage pages and projects.

“Stemming from the widespread adoption of social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter, today’s enterprise workforce requires a unique collaborative solution that combines mobility and self sufficiency,” said Brad Shimmin, principal analyst, collaboration and conferencing at Current Analysis. “Users seek to roam freely between professional and personal personas. They strive to communicate seamlessly across desktop and mobile device. And they demand complete control over their user experience. With the release of SamePage 4.2, eTouch seeks to address these requirements, adding transparency as a means of understanding and governing this manner of collaboration.”

With the version 4.2 enhancements, SamePage has combined the power and flexibility of consumer social media with enterprise-class features and integration.

“As enterprise wikis become more a part of the corporate structure of our clients and potential clients, there’s a greater need for their remote workers and business travelers to be able to interact with the wiki on their own schedule; that’s why mobility is so important,” said Aniruddha Gadre, CEO of eTouch Systems. “In addition, our other features evolve SamePage into a company’s intranet with personalized features and a better way to collaborate, communicate and manage knowledge”

A brief video demo of the personalized dashboard is available, as is a complete list of features and 4.2 release notes.

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