SamePage v.4.3 Adds Content-, Document-Management Features

Enhanced Document Management in SamePage 4.3: The new Explorer View gives a Windows Explorer-like interface of the Wiki repository with Projects and Pages displayed as folders and attachments as files. It allows a number of operations like Copy, Paste, Update, Upload etc on these files along with an intuitive mechanism to switch back to the traditional Wiki view at any point. Documents that support the WebDAV protocol like Word, Excel or PowerPoint can be directly edited and saved in SamePage (using IE browser) without downloading to desktop. — by samepagewiki on June 25, 2010 to Science & Technology (175 seconds)

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — eTouch SamePage, a dynamic enterprise wiki, today announced it has released SamePage version 4.3, which focuses on new features and product enhancements to better meet the needs of customers using the enterprise 2.0 solution for knowledge management, including content and document management.

New SamePage 4.3 features, such as a Windows Explorer-like view and WebDAV support, will benefit companies looking for a solution for their collaboration and document-management needs. In addition, new enhancements and plug ins are geared to existing customers and new users who deploy the software as an enterprise knowledge management tool.

“The best-kept secret of technology and its role in knowledge management is that you don’t ask an employee to go somewhere unique to ‘do knowledge management’ or to ‘do Enterprise 2.0.’ That would be a recipe for employee revolt,” said Dan Keldsen, co-founder of consulting firm Information Architected and ranked as one of the Most Influential Enterprise 2.0 Bloggers by “For KM to succeed today, you need a system that allows the employee to simply do their work, wherever they would normally do it, yet provides them inputs and outputs to make KM as easy as sending an e-mail or saving to their desktop. The aim should be for the simple Active Management of Knowledge, rather than the complete chaos of unmanaged content that so many companies have. If your tools force you into a single way of work, even if it’s the ‘Wiki Way,’ you should consider a more fully integrated solution, such as SamePage 4.3.”

With SamePage version 4.3′s Explorer view, users can easily navigate through projects and pages, locate items quickly and manage attachments seamlessly in a familiar user interface. WebDAV support enables users to edit attachments without explicitly downloading them, creating a more simple environment for collaboration and document management.

Additional enhancements that focus on knowledge management and general usability and security features include: User filters on notifications and digests: Instead of a general digest update of all wiki activity, users can select the specific projects about which they would like to receive update notifications. Watch news items and threads: The subscribe-to-pages feature has been extended to include news, threads and issues, so users can receive email updates whenever any members updates pages they choose to follow. Plug-in output in email/PDF: If a page containing a plug in is emailed or saved as a Word doc or PDF, it will be viewable in an email or in the wiki. Creating pages via email: Enhancements to this feature added in version 4.2 create new and more prominent menu items to encourage use of the “create page via email” feature, especially useful for mobile users and business travelers. More secure LDAP connection: LDAPS create greater security enhancements with new levels of authentication via SSL encryption. Issue assignment: Only project owners and wiki administrators can assign issue tickets, in the style of help desks. Dynamic and configurable searches: SamePage now provides more search options, and the administrator can define the default search settings. Plus, the default for searches will hide images, which are large and often overwhelm search results. More intuitive page permissions: The default settings for page permissions are now even more intuitive and automatically reflect inferred permissions. Enhanced administrative features: Administrators can now receive details of anonymous users, in addition to registered-user sessions. Customizable user profile features: There are more opportunities for companies to customize their wiki in the user profile section.

On top of these valuable enhancements, the development team is in the final stages of testing for a completely revamped web-services layer that will allow SamePage to be easily embedded into any portal or web application for a seamless user experience.

“A growing number of enterprises are identifying the value of wikis and enterprise 2.0 solutions to help meet their knowledge management needs, and we have a solution that clearly fits their needs,” said Aniruddha Gadre, CEO of eTouch Systems. “SamePage version 4.3 is sensitive to the needs of these types of users, and it is a valuable tool for document management, content management and collaboration.”

Watch a brief video demo of the SamePage Explorer View and access the SamePage version 4.3 release notes for more details about the version features and enhancements.

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