Sandra James Featured in MBE Magazine’s 30th Anniversary Edition Cover Story

Why should I hire someone else to do background checks for my company?: When it comes to running background checks on applicants, employers often have a dilemma: Whether to do it in-house or take the services of a screening firm.Transcript:Tom: Sandra we have discussed it like that yourservices what to stop me from doing my owncomputer search to find out if a prospective employee is who they say they are or if indeed that candidate mighthave some checkered past.Sandra: Well you could actually Tom go onlineand pull down data. There are resources that you can pullinformation from but in our experience that data is not up to date and it's not accurate so you're at risk ifyou do that. We provide less than 72 hours turnaroundtime for our clients 90% of the time so were ableto do that because we have experts on our team who know where to get the information and how to verify the information. It's just like with your credit reportyou know everyone says that you should go to and verify your credit information isaccurate it's the same thing with the background check. You need to make sure that the information is accurate but its time-consuming and cumbersome for someone else to verify the employment for seven years or do degree verifications and by using Private Eyes we can provide you with a comprehensive background check in less than 72 hours. So it hopes to and make the hiring time frame less for our clients and it's more accurate because we have experts who work on our team.Tom: Thank you Sandra. We have more importantinformation about background checks for bosses and job seekers online at — by Private Eyes Inc. on August 18, 2014 to Education (99 seconds)

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — James began humble with her first venture – Residential Mortgage Credit Reporting (RMCR) – with just one employee and $10,000. She recalls her pursuit of expanding RMCR’s capacities in 1998, she developed the cornerstone for Private Eyes. From 2003 to 2006, Private Eyes grew by 364.4% and bagged top notch business contracts from leading brands such as Coca Cola, Intercontinental Hotels and Unisource Worldwide. During the U.S. economic recession Private Eyes adopted a business model that not only helped it thrive during the economic downturn, but actually reach new heights.

In 2010, James added another division to the company,, which provides verification of 4506-T IRS transcripts to banks and lending institutions. ‘Accuracy’ and ‘Customer Service with Human Touch’ are two industry differentiators that helped Private Eyes grow even in the worst period of economic turmoil. PEI boasts of less than 1% dispute rate among thousands of background checks it undertakes every month. In James’s own words, “Everything that we get from our researchers, we re-verify to make sure that the information is accurate”.

James actively participates in business advocacy organizations and since the foundation of Private Eyes, she has received numerous awards and accolades, including the revered ‘2009 WBENC Women’s Business Enterprise Star Award’. She is truly an inspiration not just for women entrepreneurs but for all those who are trying to tread on unbeaten paths of success.

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About Private Eyes Inc. Founded in 1999, Private Eyes Inc. is headquartered in Walnut Creek, California. Private Eyes is a leading name in providing comprehensive pre-employment screening services. PEI is industry renowned for delivering fast, accurate, and thorough results with less than 1% dispute rate.

About A technology and service leader in the tax verification field, supports banks, mortgage bankers, and legal firms in their efforts to process 4506-T forms from the IRS. They are an authorized bulk vendor of the IRS, processing thousands of requests each month.


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