Segway Angel Island partners with Blue and Gold Fleet Ferry, Summer-Tour Reservations are Highly Recommended

Segway Angel Island Experience: A short video about how a Segway Tour around angel Island would be like. — by Richard Eh on May 15, 2007 to Travel & Events (548 seconds)

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Segway Angel Island Experience tour organizers have formed a partnership with Blue and Gold Fleet, which runs daily ferry service from San Francisco’s Pier 41, increasing promotion and visitor opportunities for Segway tours of Angel Island State Park.

“The increased summer ferry schedules allow us to go up to five tours per day,” said Segway Angel Island Experience organizer Steve Steinberg. “The tour is already very popular, and we expect sell-out crowds, so reservations are important.”

Lily Cheung, marketing associate for the Blue and Gold Fleet, said the partnership benefits the ferry service by providing a fun, new activity that appeals to summer visitors.

“We are always looking for additional activities to bring to our guests, and we get a lot of return visitors who love the island and are looking for new things to do,” Cheung explained. “Everyone who takes the Segway tour loves it, and it’s a great opportunity for them because they get to experience it away from city traffic. I think that’s one of the biggest sellers.”

“A lot of people are under the impression that state parks do not change, that once they go there there’s no point in returning because it’s the same, which is not true,” she added. “People we talk to ask what’s new on the island, and the Segway tour gives us a great option to offer.”

Angel Island offers unparalleled views of the San Francisco Bay and a close-up perspective of Golden Gate Bridge, downtown San Francisco, and the waterfront communities of Sausalito and Tiburon.

Hundreds of visitors to Angel Island State Park were captivated by the scenic, two and a half-hour Segway tour since its inauguration in March, with media outlets including the Associated Press helping to spread the word. Saturdays and Sundays are the most popular, but tours are consistently booked throughout the week, so reservations should be made at

Steinberg cited a recent alteration of the tour route that is expected to permit more visitors to participate.

“We avoid some of the harder obstacles we had to deal with before, such as getting on and off the bicycle trail and power-assisting the Segways over two rough areas,” he said. “We go up the service road and stay on pavement for the whole tour. We also prevent congestion on the narrow, dirt bike path by not interfering with bicycle traffic, the tram, and the ranger’s vehicle.”

The Segway Angel Island schedule includes daily tours in the mornings and afternoons, which coincide with ferry arrivals. Ferries service Angel Island from three locations: San Francisco, Alameda/Oakland, and Tiburon. Organizers advise participants to check ferry arrival and departure schedules, and to arrive at least 15 minutes before tour start time for a brief orientation.

More information on the Blue and Gold Fleet schedules can be found by visiting, and special tour-package deals are available.

Cost for the Segway Angel Island Experience is $65 per person (not including ferry transportation), ages 16 and above only, with a $35 shortened afternoon tour. A $5 coupon is available at the Tiburon Ferry station. Tours are conducted in intimate groups of up to eight on off-road Segways. For tour information, visit


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