ShieldThis Announces a New Car Detail Product, Made with Sustainable Oils, That Lasts 6 Months.

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Oakley, California (EastBayDaily) — After years of testing and product development, ShieldThis has released its Superior Detailing Protectant for consumer purchase. The developer of ShieldThis, an engineer with a minor in biochemistry, created the product in response to a need for a car detailing protectant that can last through repeated car washes. The impetus also included a desire to make a natural-based detailer that replaces the plasticizers and finishing chemicals that naturally leach from plastic due to oxidation, exposure to UV, sunlight and temperature extremes.

Undergoing several years of testing, ShieldThis Superior Detailing Protectant has been found to exceed the original design criteria in terms of longevity and finish. “We are impressed by the overwhelmingly positive response to our product from nearly everyone who took part in our tests,” said Ben Markham, head of Research and Development for ShieldThis. “People have told us they have been amazed by the results with just a small application amount.”

While nearly all car detail products in use today are water based products with petroleum-based additives, ShieldThis has taken a decidedly different approach. “Our testing has found that the use of natural, sustainable oils actually replenishes the rubber, plastic and vinyl finish on cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles.” added Markham. The company states the oils in ShieldThis Superior Detailing Protectant have been chosen for their flexibility after curing, resistance to yellowing and long-lasting finish.

ShieldThis is one of the few car care products containing natural products. With the entire vehicular industry moving towards green products, ShieldThis is taking a leadership position in the development and marketing of its products. Markham said, “With the advent of hybrid cars, bio-diesel and even biodegradable lubricating oil, we are taking a leadership role in bio-based car care”. Additional potential ecological benefit comes from one bottle of ShieldThis Superior Detailing Protectant: it can replace as many as five bottles of water-based products. This savings can also reduce oil consumption and energy usage for bottle production.

Founded in 2011. The mission statement of ShieldThis is to provide superior solutions to car care challenges with quality products that work effectively and efficiently.

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