Shmoop Launches SmartPhone-Ready Video Test Prep to Help Students Study for SAT*, ACT*, and CAHSEE

ACT English 2.3 Punctuation by Shmoop: ACT English: Punctuation Drill 2, Problem 3Want more? Need to study for the ACT and don't have a study buddy? Let Shmoop be your buddy. Shmoopers don't bite.....usually. — by Shmoop on February 19, 2014 to Education (130 seconds)

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — When it comes to cram time, students want their information—stat. With Shmoop’s Video Test Prep, students can study in quick bursts whenever they have a few minutes to spare.

When a student registers, Shmoop will send them three videos a day, tailored to their SAT*, ACT*, or CAHSEE needs. Students can then watch the videos in the convenience of their own home/school/bus/circus tent. And there’s no need to set a study reminder: Shmoop will automatically send the videos, prompting students to watch. Plus, because the videos are relatable, they won’t end in an unplanned nap.

Each video includes a sample exam question and walks students through the process of answering it. By providing detailed answer explanations, Shmoop fosters comprehension, so that students don’t just get practice with one question; they are able to improve their skills for an entire concept.

Shmoop will send these videos directly to a student’s inbox every day for thirty days; by the end of the month, students will have reviewed the equivalent of a full-length practice exam. Bonus: each video is tagged to the Common Core. It’s every teacher’s dream.

Go ahead and sign up—Shmoop will take care of the rest.    

About Shmoop

Shmoop is a digital curriculum and test prep company that makes fun, rigorous learning and teaching resources. Shmoop content is written by experts and teachers, who collaborate to create high-quality and engaging materials for teachers and students. Shmoop Courses, Test Prep, Teaching Guides, and Learning Guides balance a teen-friendly, approachable style with academically rigorous concepts. Shmoop sees 10 million unique visitors a month on its site and offers more than 7,000 titles across the Web, iPhone, Android devices, iPad, Kindle, Nook, and Sony Reader. The company has been honored twice by the Webby Awards, named “Best in Tech” twice by Scholastic Administrator, and awarded with two Annual Education Software Review Awards (EDDIES). Launched in 2008, Shmoop is headquartered in a labradoodle-patrolled office in Mountain View, California.

*SAT and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of and does not endorse this product.

*ACT is a federally registered trademark of ACT, Inc. Shmoop University is not affiliated with or endorsed by ACT, Inc.


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