Smart ERP Solutions Introduces ERP Gadget to Easily Enhance PeopleSoft Applications


ERP Gadget for PeopleSoft with Smart PO from Smart ERP Solutions: Smart Purchase Order with ERP Gadget features the simplified Purchase Order entry for PeopleSoft applications as well as the enhancements of ERP Gadget to streamline, automate and enhance PO entry.ERP Gadget is a configurable collection of high productivity end-user functions that can be easily and consistently deployed anywhere on any PeopleSoft page. — by smarterp on February 26, 2010 to Science & Technology (376 seconds)

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Smart ERP Solutions of Pleasanton, CA, introduced today its latest innovation for PeopleSoft applications, ERP Gadget(tm). Launched at the Alliance 2010 Conference, in San Antonio, TX, thousands of attendees from the PeopleSoft Higher Education and Public Sectors were introduced to this new add-on solution that makes it easy to enhance PeopleSoft applications with a variety of unique capabilities.

ERP Gadget is a configurable collection of high productivity end-user functions that can be easily and consistently deployed anywhere on any PeopleSoft page while avoiding customizations.

With ERP Gadget, customers can now readily enhance their PeopleSoft applications with productivity-improving features including, Save as Draft, Copy from Templates, Attachments and Workflow.

ERP Gadget makes these compelling features, and more, available from a convenient menu bar–while avoiding costly customizations. The solution is easy to deploy thus significantly reduces the high costs and efforts customers typically face when enhancing PeopleSoft applications in order to meet their organization’s unique needs.

SmartERP CEO, Doris Wong, is excited about being able to so readily make such productivity enhancements available to customers on any PeopleSoft applications, and while avoiding customizations. “Save as Draft is my favorite feature. That feature alone can significantly increase productivity and usability in any PeopleSoft customer’s environment” said Ms. Wong. “I can’t wait to show ERP Gadget to more PeopleSoft customers. Once they see it they love it!”. Ms. Wong has a pretty good pulse on PeopleSoft customer needs as prior to SmartERP she was Oracle’s Group Vice President and General Manager responsible for the entire PeopleSoft product line.

SmartERP clients using ERP Gadget do like how readily the enhancements can be deployed. “There are significant potential productivity improvements for our users with ERP Gadget” said Alan French, Executive Director – Financial Systems, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. “We can now deploy features such as Save as Draft, Collaborate, and Attachments anywhere we want in our PeopleSoft applications”.

Previews of ERP Gadget and other “Smart Solutions”, including Personnel Action Forms and Workflow, can be viewed online on their Solution Preview Page.

Rather than traditional consulting service approaches, Smart ERP Solutions focuses on providing flexible, configurable solutions to efficiently enhance PeopleSoft applications with functionality well beyond standard capabilities.


Kirk Chan
Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.