Sprite Labs Announces Availability of Paint FX, the First App to Allow Photo Enhancements, Effects and Filters Selectively on Specific Parts of a Photo

Paint FX iPhone App: Find more at: http://www.animagik.com/AnimagikNewSite/paint_fx.htmlWe love to make cool pictures on our iPhone, but felt limited by apps that forced you to adjust the entire picture at once. That's why we created Paint FX, the first app ever to allow you to add effects and filters exactly where you want them, simply by painting with your finger. — by spritelabs on June 21, 2011 to Entertainment (70 seconds)

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Sprite labs is proud to announce Photo FX, the first app to let users selectively apply photo enhancements, filters, visual effects and colors to specific parts of a photo, simply by painting them with the fingers, giving users complete control of where they want those effects and enhancements in a photo and where they dont. It is also unique in allowing a combination of multiple effects in different areas of the same photo.

There are several apps in the App store which provide a wide array of photographic effects and filters, but all of them constrain the users in applying the enhancement to the full photo. Most of the photos require a fix or an enhancement to a specific part of the photo only, while needing a totally different enhancement in another part. For example, a dark area in a scene may require brightness improvement while another area with high exposure may need a contrast and a reduction in brightness. Similarly applying a visual effect selectively on a subject instead of the full photo can bring attention to the subject. Users can even go up a notch and combine and layer different effects on the same photo creating unlimited possibilities for for creating stunning masterpieces in minutes with the simple, intuitive and natural touch interface.

“We partnered with acclaimed usability and user interface experts and spent several months in getting each button just right, each pixel perfectly placed, and help and hints provided at each step, so that users can start having fun without scratching their heads and spend their time on creativity instead. We are really looking forward to see what users come up with, with the creative control that Paint FX provides,” says Nikita Sawant, creative director at Sprite Labs.

With this one app, users can do so many things and many more: Apply precise HDR effects by controlling Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation with pinpoint accuracy. Perfect for Tiltshift (Miniaturization) effects by adding Blur exactly where you want it. Completely erase backgrounds for a brilliant studio-style portrait photo. Have fun, by giving yourself a tan or changing the color of your hair and clothes. Artistic filters like Sketch, Hue, Cartoonize, and Threshold easily turn your photos into professional looking pieces. A complete paint brush set is included to really manipulate your photos – The options are endless


Nikita Sawant