Steelwedge Event Alert: S&OP RFP 101: Evaluating Your ERP Vendor’s Solution vs. the Best-of-Breed

S&OP RFP 101: Evaluating Your ERP Vendor's Solution vs. the Best-of-Breed: — by Steelwedge Software on February 24, 2014 to Science & Technology (103 seconds)

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Steelwedge, the leader in cloud-based sales and operations planning (S&OP) solutions, today announced that it will host a webinar on Wednesday, February 26, at 1:00 PM EST entitled “S&OP RFP 101: Evaluating Your ERP Vendor’s Solution vs. the Best-of-Breed”.

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Event details: A company may be running SAP, Oracle or other legacy ERP systems, but their collaborative S&OP modules may not be the right choice. Put another way: ERP systems create a solid “body” for a company, but the “brains” may be lacking.

In this webinar, Steelwedge will discuss how its S&OP solutions provide the brainpower for SAP and Oracle offerings. Attendees will learn the key criteria to use when choosing an S&OP solution.

This webinar is designed for companies considering implementing collaborative S&OP technology who need to understand how to overcome common business, technical and organizational challenges. Steelwedge S&OP experts will discuss recommended project phase components and key project milestones, as well as the inherent value found in the newest features and functionality.

The webinar will also address the primary function of S&OP: to ensure adherence to strategic business objectives. Doing this will provide demonstrable results, including:     Reduction of planning cycle times     Improvements in forecast accuracy     Reduction in stock-outs     Increase in revenue and/or margin

Who should attend:     S&OP and Supply Chain Leadership     Demand/Forecast Planners     Business Planners     Heads of IT     Anyone involved in or leading an S&OP RFP project

Featured Presenters: Ed Lewis, Vice President, Product Marketing and Planning, Steelwedge Software

About Steelwedge: Steelwedge Software is the leading Integrated Business Planning solution provider. Steelwedge’s cloud-based Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) software solutions connect people, process and technology to power a single view of a company’s business. In a volatile global business environment, that single line of sight powers reliable “what-if” scenario modeling and mobile analytics to pinpoint the financial impact of supply-demand trade-offs. Some of the world's largest manufacturing companies including Jaguar Land Rover, Lenovo, Monsanto and Sony, trust Steelwedge to help them mitigate risk and rapidly adapt to global economic, political and environmental change through best-in-class S&OP.


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