Stunning 3D Visual Effects by Doug Thompson Media Design Lands Indie DVD ‘The Pyramid Code’ on Amazon’s Best Seller List

The Pyramid Code Extended Trailer: The Pyramid Code is a documentary series exploring the mysteries of the ancient Egyptians, their sophisticated technology, sacred cosmology, and the importance of what they left us. The Pyramid Code gives evidence to support the idea that the pyramids were not tombs and are likey much older than traditional Egyptology tells us. — by pyramidcode on November 13, 2008 to People & Blogs (511 seconds)

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Doug Thompson Media Design, an emerging independent 3D visual effects, animation and creative agency for indie film and television productions celebrates the debut of Kultur Films independent documentary film “The Pyramid Code” at the #3 position on Amazon’s best seller list.

“The Pyramid Code”, a fascinating five-part documentary series exploring the pyramids and temples of Egypt and other locations for signs of sophisticated technology in the ancient world, has set off a global buzz with pre-release trailers generating in excess of 40,000 hits on YouTube. Scheduled for DVD release on October 27, the independently produced documentary series has soared to #3 on the Amazon TV documentary charts and is currently being shopped for broadcast.

The series, based on research done by Dr. Carmen Boulter of the University of Calgary, is brought to life through the magic of digital visual effects provided by Doug Thompson Media Design. Complementing interview footage from renowned geologists, physicists, archaeologists, engineers, and authors, series art director Doug Thompson needed to visually portray facts, conjecture, and opinion using technology and his own imagination.

“We tried to visually explain as simply as possible those concepts the average viewer might not have had an introduction to before” Thompson explains. “No matter how much one may agree or disagree with the ideas proposed in this series, one cannot help but come away with the notion that current mainstream interpretations of humanity’s past don’t very well explain certain anomalous artifacts that exist from human prehistory. We used advanced visual effects technologies to help bridge the gap.”

Thompson, who cut his teeth working with talented artists whose credits include Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, CSI: Miami, Star Trek: Next Generation and Babylon 5 faced several unique challenges. The research-driven documentary lacked a script and required remote production and collaboration support. In place of a written script, he created his own visual storyboards and conceptual renderings for director Boulter’s approval. The long distance process — Dr. Boulter in Calgary, Canada, and Thompson in Oakland, CA — required efficient communication to work through the details of the ideas that surfaced throughout the creative process.

“The Pyramid Code” is now available from and available for broadcast distribution from Kultur Films.

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