Taito’s ‘Space Invaders Extreme’ Blasts onto Xbox LIVE Arcade

Space Invaders Extreme XBLA -- Official Launch Trailer: The official Space Invaders Extreme XBLA Launch Trailer -- Game released on Xbox LIVE Arcade on May 6, 2009. — by spaceinvadersextreme on May 6, 2009 to Gaming (73 seconds)

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — Taito Corp. today announced that Space Invaders Extreme™ is now available on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the original 1978 Space Invaders™ arcade shooter, gamers can now experience a complete reimagining of the classic for the first time in high definition with exclusive new Xbox 360 features. Developed by Backbone Entertainment, Space Invaders Extreme now offers four-player co-op and competitive multiplayer modes, dazzling new graphics with colorful visualizer backgrounds, modernized gameplay features, and vibrant synchronized music and sound effects for a more intense and addictive gameplay experience.

“We are proud to celebrate 30 years of continued Space Invaders popularity, and bringing the game to Xbox LIVE Arcade is a critical step to the next evolution of the game,” said Seiji Kawakami, Producer, Taito Corporation. “In Space Invaders Extreme for XBLA, we retain the vintage 2-D look and classic gameplay of the original, while taking advantage of the HD graphics and sound capabilities, as well as expanding the multiplayer functionality to allow for even more people to play and enjoy the game together.”

The original black and white 8-bit Space Invaders arcade classic was the most successful game of its time, single-handedly inventing the “shooter” genre with its gameplay pioneering the popular alien invasion theme, and bringing videogames to the forefront of pop culture worldwide. Since then, the game has inspired numerous adaptations and continues to revolutionize the video game industry with its influence.

“It’s an incredible honor for us to work directly with Taito in Japan to bring the ultimate classic arcade game to XBLA with Space Invaders Extreme,” said Melissa Bachman-Wood, Studio Head, Backbone Entertainment. “Space Invaders is synonymous with ‘videogames’ to people worldwide, so the chance for us to contribute and re-imagine features in the next evolution of Space Invaders history, is an amazing opportunity.”

Space Invaders Extreme offers hours of fun for fans and new players alike. The game pays homage to the vintage 2-D aesthetics and stays true to the simple yet highly addictive core gameplay of the classic, while introducing new four player multiplayer modes and innovative gameplay features for faster movement and attacks.

Players can now challenge up to three other friends online or offline in two different Versus Modes, and seize each other’s power-ups, scramble for combo points and mutlipliers, hijack UFO jackpots, and even send waves of alien invaders to opponents’ screens. Players can also collaborate as a team in Co-op Mode to take on incoming alien waves and UFOs.

The game’s colorful and organically dynamic visualizer backgrounds, created by Jeff Minter (Llama Soft), are synchronized with the upbeat electronic music tracks, and increase in intensity and saturation as the invaders speed up or change formations. In addition, with innovative new multiplier and combo Features designed to encourage players to develop their scoring technique, the game sets challenges to acquire power-ups and trigger mid-game bonus Rounds for higher scores and added score multipliers, for an all new Space Invaders experience.

Space Invaders Extreme is rated “E” by the ESRB, and is available for digital download via Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360, for 800 points. For more information on the game please visit xbox.com/en-US/games/s/spaceinvadersxboxlivearcade. For media assets, please visit: sp8des.com/press.html.

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