“The Chills” – Supernatural Thriller Released on DVD

: — by Richard Poche on August 2, 2013 to Film & Animation (44 seconds)

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Poché Pictures is pleased to announced that their horror featurette, “The Chills” by director Richard Poché , has been released on DVD.

Starring Halie Islava, Christina Johnson, Kendall McCann and Rachel Riley (Syfy's “Rise of the Dinosaurs”), “The Chills” is a supernatural horror film that tells the story of Liz (Islava), an addict who has been having screaming nightmares ever since she moved into an old house. Her roommates Alchemy (McCann) and Jeri (Johnson) hire drug counselor Kate (Riley) to help with an intervention but Liz insists that her night terrors are visions of a murder that took place in the home.

“I'm a fan of atmospheric horror,” said Poché . "I wanted to make a film here where the audience connects with the characters and the threat of violence is initially something unseen. There is a tension and impending doom that is a slow burn over the course of the film. Once the chaos begins, I want the viewer to have fun rooting for the characters to survive. That's when horror movies work. When the audience connects with the character and wishes they could jump through the screen to protect them.”

Poché is not a stranger to the horror genre as he has directed the recently released zombie anthology “Long Live The Dead” as well as Youtube's popular “Michael Myers” Halloween fan film. An avid boxing fan, he has produced two documentaries on the sport, “The Fight Life” and “Corazon”.

The DVD release of “The Chills” includes a behind the scene blooper reel as well as a short film entitled “Zombie Chicks”.


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