The Ska Shrine Appears On U.S. Commemorative Postage Stamp

Moose Shows Ska Love: — by Jake S on July 10, 2009 to Music (110 seconds)

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — First known Ska Stamp issued by the US Postal Service can be purchased online. Now anyone who loves Ska, can spread the word by using these official U.S. Postage stamps. These beautiful works of art are a stamp collector’s dream.

The Ska Shrine, located at, built by The Uptones’ Moose Lethridge and Eric Din, is devoted to the joy of Ska music.

The stamp, designed by The Uptones’ Paul Jackson, was commissioned by shrine architect Matthew King Kaufman. The world’s first Ska Stamp is available here.

“The Ska Shrine means everything to me,” states Jackson. “Getting to draw the Ska Shrine stamp was a graphic artist’s dream and the commission of a lifetime.”

“Using Ska Stamps allows you to show your love of Ska,” explains Kaufman. “Stamp all your letters with Ska Stamps, they’re little blessings from the shrine.”

Ska began in Jamaica in the late ’50s, long before the advent of reggae, the music’s more modern cousin. Unlike reggae, often known for social and political content, ska is dance music, plain and simple. When the music spread to England in the mid-’60s, it was adopted by Mod youth of the day and reprised in the ’80s New Wave era by 2-Tone bands such as Madness, the English Beat and the Specials. The English, as they always do, translated the musical style into a fashion, complete with requisite dance steps, haircuts and wardrobes.

Moose Lethridge shows Ska Love, in the most recent in a series of dance videos found at the Ska4U website and shot at the Ska Shrine. The Shrine has recently released a video of Moose performing the Skank on the Ska Shrine. He demonstrates some unique energetic Ska dance moves.

“Eric and I built this checkered floor to Skank on and to show our love of Ska,” says Moose. “Loving Ska and Skanking will keep you young and happy.”

Superfan2009, the Queen of legal MP3 bloggers, recently picked Ridiculous, from the soundtrack of Moose’s video, to be included in her Cherry Pickin’ list.

“The Uptones track, Ridiculous, which is a free mp3 download on my site, shreds,” says Superfan2009, “GR8 music is being made in spite of the shriveled nuts of the current record industry.”

“Ska is music fun, Skanking is one way to express it” marvels Din. “Moose defies gravity with every step. What spectacular Skanking! Check out those shoes!”

“Moose Skanking is something to behold.” proclaims Jake Small, the only person allowed to video in the Shrine. “The Shrine is a special place, it deserves being honored in a stamp.”

“I want to worship at the Ska Shrine” exclaims noted West Coast Ska aficionado, Miles Gehm, “I can’t believe there’s a Ska Stamp, how GR8!”

Amazingly enough, the first ska stamp was sent to the North Pole, by none other than the Skanking Fool. “Everybody knows St. Nick Skanks.” Says the Skanking Fool, “Santa dresses in black and white except on Christmas Eve.”

The only bummer so far for the Ska Shrine’s fund raising attempts is that “Skank Is Not A Ho” bumper stickers have run into resistance at certain retailers. A limited number are still available directly from the Ska 4U Online Store, while supplies last.


Matthew Kaufman