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Smart Security - Row Level Security for PeopleSoft from Smart ERP Solutions: Smart Security(tm) for PeopleSoft from Smart ERP Solutions provides Row Level Security enhancements. Secure any field on any page in any PeoplepSoft application, any version beyond 8.x, including ChartFields in Financials/SCM. — by smarterp on March 5, 2010 to Science & Technology (310 seconds)

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. (“SmartERP”) announced today that the University of Nebraska and the Nebraska State College System have selected the company’s flagship Smart Security™ to enhance the security for their PeopleSoft Campus Solutions that comprises the Nebraska Student Information System (NeSIS). Smart Security is a pre-built add-on solution with capabilities to secure any PeopleSoft page, based upon any data field, and is compatible with any PeopleSoft application and version beyond 8.X.

NeSIS is using Smart Security to manage access to configuration data across a multi-institution implementation. By utilizing Smart Security, each institution is now able to maintain and manage their school’s data, with no impact to the other institutions.

Within each module of Campus Solutions, as well as the shared data in Campus Community, there is a need for some data to be shared between the institutions, yet the ability to correct and add to student data should only reside within the student’s home school. With Smart Security, NeSIS has been able to meet this need.

NeSIS will also use Smart Security to control the security administration across the PeopleSoft environments of their seven campuses. “We want our security administrators to only be able to manage the security for users at their own school, not across the entire PeopleSoft system,” said Denise Goin, PeopleSoft Security Specialist at the University of Nebraska. With the standard PeopleSoft security, administrators have access to control security for users across all schools not just one. Formerly an Oracle/PeopleSoft Security Consultant, Ms. Goin wanted to avoid customizing PeopleSoft and recognized Smart Security could be applied to the administration pages to address their need. “Trying to customize PeopleSoft security would have been difficult” said Ms. Goin, further adding “and I knew Smart Security could secure by any field, any page, so why not the administration pages?”

Ms. Goin has indeed been proven correct with efforts now complete in configuring Smart Security to control security administrator access so they can now only manage the security for users at their own school. “We design our solutions to be configurable and flexible since we, as developers, can’t anticipate all customer needs” said SmartERP CEO, Doris Wong. “Other Smart Security clients are using the solution to secure PeopleSoft application pages, such as by Bank Account or Ship to Location in Financials. It’s great and really quite innovative how the University of Nebraska and the Nebraska State College System have applied the solution to meet their multi-institution security administration needs.” added Ms. Wong.

Information on Smart Security is available online at Video previews of the company’s solutions can be viewed on their Solutions Preview Page.

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