WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit Eliminates Business Card Clutter

WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit - Smartphone stand, business card holder and reader: More Info: Now: what it can do for you.-Auto capture business cards-Manage contacts on iPhone/ Android phone/ Mac/ Win-Sync contact info anywhere — by Tech PenPower on September 24, 2014 to Science & Technology (110 seconds)

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — PenPower, a leading provider for devices with built-in smart human-machine interface technologies, announced today the availability of its WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit, now available on the iTunes App Store and on Google Play, as well as on Amazon Designed to eliminate business card clutter and simplify contact management, the sleek and convenient universal app comes with a smartphone stand for automatically capturing and recognizing contacts from business cards.

The WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit is an ideal hardware/software combination for busy people who accumulate business cards. PenPower Vice President William Xu said, "Working in the room at a convention or trade show is both exhilarating and exhausting, and at the end of the day, you usually have a bag full of swag, fliers, and hundreds of business cards. With WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit, you can keep those business cards organized electronically, capture each one and the software will recognize each contact's information automatically."

Once captured, the information remains accessible and can be automatically synchronized with Google Contacts and PenPower’s contact management software on PC or Mac. "It's not just a static database," added Xu. "The included software is meant to be highly interactive, allowing users to easily search for a person and interact with them through phone or social media at the click of a button."

The $59.95 kit was designed from the ground up to be universal, working on both iOS and Android devices, and synchronizing with contact management software on both PC and Mac platforms. It comes with a custom aluminum alloy phone stand for easily scanning in business cards, and at just 220 grams, the device is lightweight and features a very convenient form factor. Once the data is captured, it's easy to make calls, send emails, or connect through social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Users can also synchronize contact information with Gmail contacts, and store them in the cloud using Dropbox or iCloud. Data can also be transferred with Outlook, Salesforce, ACT! and other contact management software through PC. WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit is available for iPhone, Android, PC and Mac.

Software Features: On Mobile Devices: 1) Capture business cards and recognize contacts information automatically with the customized aluminum alloy phone stand. 2) Make calls, send email, plan route and connect to social networks like, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

On PC/Mac 1) Synchronize contacts information through Gmail contacts, and store them in Dropbox or iCloud. Manage and access your contacts on all your devices, iPhone, Android Phone, PC, and Mac. 2) Provide sorting management, quick search, mail sending, Skype, print service for various kinds of labels and envelops. 3) Transfer data with Outlook, Salesforce, ACT!, and other software.

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Device Requirements: For Windows Requires Windows 8 desktop model/Windows 7/Vista/XP For Mac: Requires OSX v10.6.8 or later For iOS: Requires iOS 6 or later For Android: Requires Android v2.3 or later

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