World’s Smallest Post Service Revives Handwritten Letters in Age of Texts and Tweets

World's Smallest Post Service: DIY Tiny Package: -- Short stop-motion video of a tiny package made with materials from Leafcutter Designs' new World's Smallest Post Service: DIY Activity Kit. Find it on Kickstarter. — by LeafcutterDesigns on April 28, 2014 to People & Blogs (58 seconds)

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Leafcutter Designs, the creative studio run by artist and entrepreneur Lea Redmond, surpassed 100% funding for its World's Smallest Post Service®: DIY Activity Kit on Kickstarter earlier this week. The kit is a complete stationery set in miniature, and includes materials to make tiny handwritten letters and diminutive parcels to be gifted or sent via mail. With more than 250 Kickstarter backers in place, Leafcutter Designs is now in position to release the DIY edition of its successful personalized letter and parcel service this summer.

Begun as a performance art project in San Francisco Bay Area cafés in 2008, the World's Smallest Post Service taps into a growing nostalgia for slower and more thoughtful forms of personal communication. It also appeals to parents who want their kids to set aside the iPad and appreciate the joys of writing and receiving physical letters via mail.

"In a world full of texts and Tweets, a heartfelt message delivered via regular mail really stands out," said Redmond. "And by playing with scale, the World's Smallest Post Service gives folks a fun excuse to sit down and craft a quick missive that a friend or family member will treasure for years."

Back in 2010, Redmond licensed the stationery rights for the World's Smallest Post Service to San Francisco based publisher Chronicle Books. Chronicle Books developed the first edition of the kit and both print runs promptly sold out. Redmond's studio recently acquired the rights back from her publisher and redesigned the kit to include tiny stamps with wavy edges, miniature ink stamp sets, and new letter and envelope designs.

Asked why Leafcutter Designs decided to pursue crowdfunding for its self-publishing effort, Redmond said, "Publishing a stationery kit in the United States, especially one that includes so many custom elements, is challenging and unusual. By taking orders in advance via Kickstarter, we can reduce uncertainty and be more efficient, which allows us to make and assemble the kits right here in California."

The Kickstarter project page at features a limited number of kits for $29 and a deluxe edition with retro postal themed ink stamps and other extras for $45. The initial crowdfunding period ends May 22 and Redmond expects to begin shipping the first batch of kits to backers in July.

About Lea Redmond Lea Redmond is a collector of curious objects and a maker of unusual goods and experiences. Her World’s Smallest Post Service has sent more than 20,000 tiny letters and packages to recipients in all corners of the globe. In addition to running Leafcutter Designs, a Berkeley, CA based creative studio and online shop, Redmond develops playful book and merchandise concepts for major publishers.

About Leafcutter Designs Leafcutter Designs is a creative studio in Berkeley, CA run by artist Lea Redmond and her brother Devin Redmond. Leafcutter Designs creates and sells playful toys, games, and gift items that encourage personal interaction and new experiences. Leafcutter Designs also provides custom promotional goods to businesses and organizations around the world.


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